Circle of Life

A children's book explaining life and death from a Spiritual perspective, by Whitestar, illustrated by Evon

Everyone, young and old, eventually has to face the passing of a loved one, close or distant, a friend or a friend of a friend – it’s inevitable, but if a young child has a healthy understanding of life and death, explaining that loss and easing their grief is simplified.  

In words and pictures, this story aims to help young children into the knowledge that people come to Earth for a short time to learn lessons and then are ready to go back to their Great Father in Heaven.

Circle of Life, complete with 14 full colour illustrations, is available at a cost of £5.99 plus p&p of £1.50, or £2 for two or three books.  Contact the author, Marilyn Taylor, at or by phone on 0787 5565762 or check out her website

Higher Reality Therapy 
Nine Pathways to Inner Peace
By Anthony Falikowski


The psychiatrist, William Glasser, developed Reality Therapy in the US in the mid 1960s and it was successful especially for those who did not respond to more conventional methods of therapy. The approach, mainly based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) focuses on negotiated methods to create improvements in current behaviour. 'Higher' Reality Therapy is an eclectic approach to a similar goal of problem solving. Reality Therapy, as devised by William Glasser is criticised rather severely but taken as the basic premise and improved upon to create 'Higher' Reality Therapy.   


The author, Anthony 'Tony' Falikowski, is a full time professor of Philosophy and Human Relations and a Graduate of the University of Toronto. He holds degrees is psychology and philosophy and is a behaviour education specialist. His previous books 'Moral Philosophy for Modern Life', 'Mastering Human Relations' and 'Exploring Philosophy' have been widely acclaimed.


This book includes wisdom teachings of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions (such as A Course in Miracles, with a model for understanding personality called the Enneagram). The Enneagram is a method of assessing and categorising nine personality types and the author describes each of the nine, along with how each type can become unhealthy and how they can express their basic character in a healthy way. The excerpts from A Course in Miracles produces a book that highlights possible personal problems and offers advice on how to avoid difficulties by developing other strategies, such as overcoming egocentric propensities.


At first I didn't recognise any characters within Falikowski's Enneagram model. However, as I was reading, I suddenly realised that Anthony Falikowski was describing several characters whom I knew well but had not seen these elements in their personality. Out came my marker pen and I was underlining almost every sentence. While I was in the groove, I went on to enjoy every page. I think I will return to this book and will keep it on my bookshelf for reference. Though I might not recognise many work colleagues, friends and people in the public eye, I will enjoy the interesting general wisdom that the book provides. Recommended and good value for money. 

ISBN 978 1 84694 257 0 

Published by O Books in Paperback 354 pages £14.99 Visit:

Review by Wendy Stokes Visit

Demystifying the Supernatural

Demystifying the Supernatural: Practical Guide to Experiencing the Higher and Peaceful Life was written to find the age-old reality for which we all search.  Even with the wide variety of religions in the world, many have not found the answers they seek.

In this world of technological wonders and inventions that have made life easier, those who become slaves to the very inventions that were meant to serve them have also not found the answers that their souls demand. So what path should we follow while seeking the Higher and Peaceful Life?  If what we yearn for cannot be found in religion or technology, how do we achieve happiness and a calming balm for our souls?

The answer can be found in Demystifying the Supernatural. Peace, freedom, and fulfilment come from a working knowledge that originates from the discovery of a person, and of the power and authority he invests on those who have this encounter with him to become kings of life. 

Author Sam Akinteye, who grew up and still lives in Lagos, Nigeria, where he teaches, preaches, and writes.  He describes Lagos as “full of great people with interesting views of life”.  He wrote this self-help book to explore the realities of the world we live in and to find ways to satisfy the longing of our souls for peace and happiness.  He is working on upcoming books.

Demystifying the Supernatural: Practical Guide to Experiencing the Higher and Peaceful Life is available through the publisher’s website or at 


Wishing Well 

by Skye Woods

Published on November 17 2013, this is a fantasy for older children, young adults or for every adult still in touch with their inner child.  Much is said and written about manifesting or creating your own experience in life and this story explores the idea of wishes coming true.  Accompanying us on the journey are the lovable fairy godmothers and fairy godfathers of little wishing, warm-hearted trees and a dog with a dry sense of humour.

It’s a beautifully written book, extremely spiritual and full of connections to ethereal matters.  Readers of all ages will understand the full underlying themes of connection to other worlds and manifesting things that you wish for.  Children and young adults will relate the writings for what they are at their level of understanding, such as having confidence and self belief in one’s goals and that your thoughts really can come true.  

Available from Amazon.


The Healing Power of Trees

The Healing Power of Trees - Spiritual Journeys through the Celtic Tree Calendar by Sharlyn Hilalgo Published by Llewellyn Publications, ISBN: 978-0738719986 in paperback and kindle 336 pages. Visit

Seattle born Sharlyn Hidalgo has worked as a psychotherapist and has a masters degree in psychology. She has multiple interests, as a circle leader, healer, Native American specialist, Egyptian mysteries teacher and Celtic tree book author. 15 trees are described in detail with a drawing for recognition, each have respective deities, totems, ruling planets, month of power, their uses in history and in healing. rituals and higher appreciation and understanding of their spiritual energies. rune letters, ogham letters, symbols, etc., flesh out this information.

This is a highly personal perspective from an American with ancestors from Britain and much of this information is channelled. She describes birch, rowan, alder, willow, ash, hawthorn, oak, holly, hazel, apple, vine, ivy, reed, blackthorn, elder, and lastly, a tree for All Hallows on October 31st. Also provided in the book, is information on silver fir/pine, gorse/furze, heather/mistletoe, white poplar/aspen, yew, the grove, spindle, honeysuckle, beech and the sea. 

The book's strength for me was in the guided meditations which I enjoyed, gained insight from, and was helped to develop a closer relationship with each tree. If you are seeking a beginners book to give your a spiritual appreciation of European trees that takes you through the year with rituals, you will get something from this creative book.

Review by Wendy Stokes:


Finding Heaven Here

By Dr John C Robinson

This is the place where psychology meets spirituality.  The book allows the reader to touch what feels like the spiritual realms, if only for a moment.  Heaven is a state of mind, and if we can spend time in this beautiful place, the trappings of the modern commercial world fade into the distance and are replaced with peace, contentment and appreciation

The book offers the equivalent of a home study course in mysticism.  

Dr Robinson provides the reader with dozens of spiritual exercises that help to clear away the obstacles that prevent us from experiencing the wonder of life and the presence of the Divine.  He answers common questions at the end of the book which help to clarify how we can improve the quality of our life by spending time meditating on the higher realms of consciousness.  

Dr Robinson has written several books on allied subjects.  He facilitates conferences, workshops and retreats in the US and is especially interested teaching within the men's movement.  

His next book will focus on the spirituality of ageing.  Also authored by John C Robinson are ‘The Three Secrets of Aging’ and Bedtime Stories for Elders’ in addition to other well received books on the theme of aging.

What others have said about this book:

• Mathew Fox: A welcome contribution to the radical but universal spiritual teaching that the sacred marriage of heaven and earth is possible.

• Andrew Harvey: Finding out that this world is Heaven is crucial for human survival. John Robinson’s passionate and finely researched book will inspire seekers to open their enlightened eyes and see the world as it is.

• John Mabry: Finding Heaven Here is a crash-course in spiritual transformation. Required reading for anyone on a serious spiritual path.
It is a highly enjoyable 240 page paperback £9.99 with plenty of food for thought and spiritual growth. ISBN 975-1-84694-156-6
it is published by O-Books and this is the author’s website:

Dr Robinson holds two doctorates as an American interfaith minister and as a psychologist.  In his book, Finding Heaven Here, he explains very simply, the complex subject of finding Heaven here on Earth.

Reviewed by Wendy Stokes



Beyond Reasonable Doubt 
- an investigation of Spiritual truths and myths by Trevor Davey

The aim of this book is not only to provide information and guidance (without being dictatorial or promoting a particular way of thinking) but also to generate ideas and thoughts for students of Spiritual Understanding to consider in their investigations.

Everyone is entitled to think in their own way and to question, discuss and change their minds as they progress in their particular Path of Discovery.

The contents include the different ways that people of various (or none) Spiritualist and Spiritism organisations promote their ways of thinking and their understanding.

This book looks at some of the many forms of spirit communication that are accepted and may lead to questions to be clarified and answered.

It is also designed to assist researchers by providing them with necessary and valuable background information that should be known by all trainee mediums, speakers and those who are already giving their services on behalf of Spirit.

The overall objective is to provide a great deal of information in a straightforward manner endeavouring to promote further investigations, as each and every one progresses at their own pace and requirement.

Incorporates the following topics:

A way of thinking

Why do we need churches/centres and congregations/historical evidence, documentation and artefacts

Development of mediumship

Mental mediumship

Names of guides/mentors

Physical mediumship

How is mediumship developed

What makes a good platform medium

What makes a good private readings medium

Finding the right medium

Addresses within spiritual services

More on physical mediumship

Other forms of spirit communication

Communication by vibrations and universal language

Meditation for spiritual awareness

Terms associated and organisations Worldwide associated with Spiritualism.

Training plan and presenters hints for undertaking workshops.


Published by CON-PSY Publications – Single copies available direct from the Author at £3.50 plus p&p of £1-50 (reductions for multiple copies (2 or more) for churches and other organisations)

Please order copies direct from Trevor Davey

By e-mail:  or telephone 01494 813658


The Stonehenge Enigma

Robert Langdon’s new book sheds new light on the evidence found in Stonehenge’s visitors' car park which has been buried for over 40 years, that proves Stonehenge is really 5000 years older than we believed

The Stonehenge Enigma, has unearthed evidence that has been kept from public scrutiny for over 40 years. Current theories on the discovery of the four post-holes in a line found during excavation work on the car park in 1966 are simple and dismissive – they are ‘totem poles’.

However, analysis of the claim simply does not stand up to scrutiny. The problem is that totem poles survive less than 100 years if they are made of hard wood – pine is softwood and rots much quicker.  So when you start to look at the carbon dating evidence on when each post whole was cut a whole new story emerges.

The first post hole would have been constructed around 8275BC, the second one (next to the first) was erected about 7035BC, some 1240 years later.  By then the first post would have rotted away and its hole completely lost. The third post hole we cannot date as the charcoal that was found was lost or not processed, which is no surprise as all three samples were stored away for 10 years before some eagle-eyed researcher realised that pine wood did not exist in the late Neolithic (2500BC), the original date archaeologists claimed these poles were erected.  Yet, another post-hole on the same alignment was found in 1989 some 75m away from the three original post-holes. This was accurately dated to about 7890BC, 385 years after the first post but 855 years before the second.

So we are asked to accept that a group of hunter-gatherers went to the site in 8275BC and placed a totem pole in a valley away from the high ground where Stonehenge sits today. These people then disappeared for about 400 years, returning to place a second totem pole 75 yards away from the first, finally to return 855 years later and place a third pole next to the first with the fourth (of unknown date) in an alignment. Moreover, these people left no trace of their 1200 year occupation of this site until they returned 5,000 years later in 3000BC to build Stonehenge phase 1.

Why has this absurd theory not have the scrutiny that it desires? And why do they still insist that these post-holes are totem poles? In his book, Langdon shows that these structures played a more significant role than has previously been believed.  Not only does he reveal what these post-holes were for but he also gives a more plausible explanation on what really happened at Stonehenge including WHO built the monument, WHEN they built the monument and WHY they built the monument.

For details and extracts from the book The Stonehenge Enigma go to

For a copy of the book contact Bob Davis (Robert’s agent) at ABC Publishing Group on 01992 611045 or


The Suited Monk

The Suited Monk is an empowering new book on life purpose, happiness and self-discovery

Raf Adams' first book was written and published in Asia and is fast being regarded as a must-have valuable life-changing tool in discovering the ‘real me’.

It is an actual narrative account of the author's confused life journey from his childhood in Belgium to his late 20’s working in Hong Kong and experiencing acute dissatisfaction in all aspects of his life.  Subsequently, at the age of 24 Raf suffered Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / an acute stress burn-out of debilitating physical fear and uncertainty.  Four years ago, at the age of 27, he was back in the corporate seat heading for the same demise but this time he simply stopped and … ‘surrendered’. 

“At this time, I was not deliberately searching for spirituality or a deeper meaning of life but I unexpectedly experienced a spontaneous clarity of what life is all about, which has remained with me ever since,” says Raf. “All the unhappiness, stress, fear and anxiety that tormented me since childhood unexpectedly fell away. Nor did it return.”

Within The Suited Monk, Raf shares his insights through a step-by-step systematic approach garnished from his visual representations of The Life Journey® and GAP models that he has devised based from both his personal experience and time-honoured wisdom. 
These models easily enable the reader to identify with their inner heart-felt intuition and true life-force, rather than mindlessly following an external egoist-based reward system which can set yourself up for failure in the long-term. 

By challenging the reader to explore pertinent self-questioning paradigms, the ultimate gains disclosed are an understanding of what inner navigational adjustments one needs to make in order to be rewarded with life’s abundance - to feel blissfully happy, vitally healthy and to maintain a strong inner peace throughout your entire life. 

“Sometimes it’s good to feel uncomfortable so you can open up possibilities not considered before like ‘who am I really’ – ‘what am I really good at’ - ‘what is really important in my life’ – ‘how can I get a peaceful night sleep’. These questions start to create inner change,” says Raf. 

“I see myself now as the suited monk - someone who has integrated both a worldly and a spiritual life.”

The Suited Monk is available for sale on and  


What is Love?

What is Love? by Frank Vilaasa, presents a new way of understanding reatlionships. It begins by examining the main areas where people get stuck - possessions, unrealistic expectations, judgements etc. - and explains how to move past these issues and cultivate relationships based on a love that is real.

The unique feature of this book is that is shows how these stuck patterns relate to the body'e energy system, so the reader is able to understand what is going on not just as a mental concept but also as a felt experience in the body.  The model used for this new understanding is the Tantric Yoga Chakra system.

The system shows how each of the seven chakras (energy centres) governs a particular set of responses in us.  This provides the reader with a unique and powerful way of transforming relationships from the self-cenntreed energies of the firs three chakras (I need, i desire, I want) to the heart-centred energy of the fourth (I share, I care, I love).  By understanding ourselves in terms of the chakras, we have a whole new set of tools for healing and correcting imbalances in our body.

What is Love? by Frank Vilaasa, is published by Human Publishing and is distributed by Central Books, or 0845 458 9911 at a price of £10.99.  Alternatively, buy from Amazon at


The clarion call to awakening

Angela Donovan, author of The Wish, discusses the big the_wish_book.jpgspiritual change that is just around the corner

The Wish is my wish to give everyone the greatest opportunity to 'wake-up' with a clarion call that acts as a common spiritual awakening which can then expand globally.
People – all peoples – need to be reminded that there is an immense power available, right here under their noses so to speak, just ready and waiting for them to realise and ignite.  And it has always been here – we mere mortals only had to seek it out and learn how to use it and then reap the benefits it offers and allows. So let’s drop all the clutter and travel light!

The written path is an interesting subject, not something most people want to believe or give any deep thought to.  I had to follow mine whether I liked it or not, as for me it had to become – as it has – a daily occurrence, with my 'seeing' what is about to take place – and I'm not talking about trivial matters either.

Since the year 2000 to me, and to very many that I have spoken to and corresponded with, there has been a very noticeable and growing awareness in human terms and comprehension that 'time' has speeded up.  And appreciably too. 

Many of my clients, colleagues, friends and acquaintances have all been saying that they no longer have the time to do everything they need to do in their work or at home, at least not in the time they were used to doing them. 

They tell me this has created more and more pressure for them, causing them mentally and physically to run hither and thither with no time left to think things through sensibly or properly, and certainly no time to enjoy just 'being'! 

When it comes to understanding what time is all about it can be very mind-boggling.  The world has gained such a momentum with the latest technologies continually being refined, tweaked and updated to further enhance the 'I must have one of those' brigade that I believe we are no longer able to keep up mentally as we once did. 

So what you have to ask yourself is whether life allows you your own time and space to be 'you', and to suit you, or does it just keep you busy, caught up in the treadmill running faster and faster in a vacuum of no reality.  

Of course no one individual wants to take any sort of responsibility for what happens next (unless it is good), or to have the finger pointed at them directly when the outcome turns out to be a 'crime against humanity' or some other man-made catastrophe like Bhopal.  

My thoughts to you are therefore that ‘now is the time’, and that what you decide to do from this moment on really does matter, which is truly why I felt compelled to write this article. 

So you can afford to look out for and meet other like-minded people such as yourself, those who are at the same stage of knowledge and progression as you, and with them take time to live and think 'out of the box' with a new awareness.  

Remember who you truly are, where you come from and go back to.  Bliss is possible only through your heart and soul, not via a fat cheque book or bulging stock options.  You are here to do your very best and you have chosen to be party to the greatest changes that are now coming in the history of this civilisation. 

So, smiling as I do so, let me give you a gentle reminder never to lose your sense of humour, for it is that sense of laughter that will always warm the heart and resonate all around, crossing all faiths, creeds, colours and persuasions, so boosting the body’s health and immune system and bringing real and true joy to life.

Angela Donovan


Why I am a spiritualist

Ada McKay tells SoulSeekers how Ada_McKayshe searched for – and found – the spiritual way of life perfect for her

Like many people I was brought up to worship in an established church – in my case the Episcopal Church of Scotland.  I attended church and Sunday School where I learned all the Bible stories about the life of Jesus and also stories taken from the Old Testament. 

My best friend at school was a Baptist and she tried to influence my religious beliefs.  As I moved through life I mixed with people from different religious backgrounds – Church of England, Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Salvation Army – but they all believed the same thing: Jesus had died a horrible death on a cross all arranged by a so-called God of Love who required this human sacrifice in order to accept sinners into His heavenly kingdom. 

I knew about Spiritualism from quite a young age because my mother had attended Spiritualist meetings with her friends in her youth.  However, like so many today, she and her friends paid no attention to the philosophy of Spiritualism but only wanted 'messages'.  

So I struggled on over the years attending one church after another, always seeking the right one.  I even did a course of Bible study and although I do not accept all the teachings of the Bible, it did teach me that God was a God of Love and not  a fearful deity. 

Then one day at a charity book sale I picked up a book by Silver Birch. This was the turning point in my life. Here was someone telling me clearly and unequivocally the truth about God and the purpose of my life on earth.  What I particularly liked was the fact that Silver Birch said: "Don't believe anything unless it makes sense to you." 

From this one book I went on to read all the other books by Silver Birch and widened my reading to read more and more books on Spiritualism.  

Everything I read about Spiritualism made sense to me.  Yes – punishment does exist for sins but it does not come from God. It comes from your own realisation of wrongs committed.  

At last I had found my true religion – a religion which told me I was personally responsible for the life I led, that I would face up to the consequences of any wrong-doings, that I would be given compensation for sufferings, that death was not the end and that I would continue to progress.  I was also assured of God's eternal love.

I am truly glad that I found the truth of Spiritualism.  It has enabled me to face bereavement knowing that life goes on into another dimension.  It has taken away all fear of death.  I know that I am on this earth to receive a spiritual education, to face up to problems and so build a character.  I know that my life here on earth is just a moment on the ladder of eternity and that a wonderful new life awaits me when my present journey in this life comes to an end.

I hope that all who read my book Why I am a Spiritualist will be encouraged to examine and perhaps re-assess their ideas and beliefs and so find out the truth for themselves.    e-mail:
I am also on FACEBOOK.  

The book costs £5 incl P&P and is available direct from me.

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